Latest Computer Systems On The Market Today

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Computers used to all look pretty much the same. A desktop tower was connected to a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. While this is still a reliable workhorse for many businesses and homes, consumers now have a wealth of other options.

An all in one system houses the internal components in the monitor and avoids the cables and clutter that are common with a tower set up. Proponents like the simplified experience, but others say that these machines combine all of the drawbacks of a laptop (more…)

 What To Do When a Computer System Shows Blue/Black Screen

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Most people rely on computers on a regular basis for a number of reasons. And since they typically work as they are supposed to, many of us take them for granted until something goes wrong. When this happens, it is easy to panic and fear the worst. This is especially true if you are on a computer and the screen goes black or blue. So what should you do in such a situation?

First of all, it is important to realize that you will likely lose any data that you have (more…)

 Latest Computer Technology Updates: Should Carriers Save Your Text Messages?

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Some law enforcement officials would like wireless providers to store customers’ text messages, according to a proposal given to a congressional panel.

Police would have access to people’s messages in case of a criminal investigation. In a copy of prepared remarks for the hearing, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation supervisor Richard Littlehale contends of the billions of texts sent daily, “some surely contain key evidence and criminal activity.”

Data would be stored for at least two years, according to the proposal sent to the U.S. Congress.

The proposal is part of a discussion to update the 1986 privacy law to protect documents and location privacy in an era of cloud storage and social-media check-ins. Technology, including text messaging, mobile computing and home wireless internet have prompted companies, including Facebook and Google, to ask for an update to the law.

6 billion texts sent daily

Introduction of text messages as evidence has increased in recent years for armed robbery, drug distribution, and wire-fraud cases.

A court ordered wireless provider SkyTel to submit contents of 626,638 SMS messages in a 2009 case in Michigan.

Many carriers keep metadata from text messages for years, but not the content, more than a few weeks at most. Some carriers don’t store the content at all. Metadata includes sender and receiver numbers. Americans send an estimated 6 billion texts every day.

 When To Find a Technician To Help You

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Whether you are someone who uses your computer every day for work or you simply play games on it, you will find that in very short order, your computer becomes a vital part of your life. That is why it is so distressing when your computer stops working! The problem could be nearly anything, and this is why you need to get a technician to help you.

In the first place, you can start by checking for some of the basic issues. Try a hard reboot after making sure that all of (more…)

 Learn Your Computer System From The Inside Out

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A computer is one thing that just everyone owns now days, and if you asked most people they would not be able to tell you much about their computer other than it runs, it either as Windows or it doesn’t, and they would know how to get it to their internet browser window. While that is all nice it is not quite enough. It is important to know your computer from the inside out.

So (more…)

 Top Viruses That Can Harm Your Computer System

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Computers have brought many benefits to people who have changed with the times. With computers people can bank, work, shop, and find a plethora of information from home. Unfortunately, with every good item comes something that is detrimental to it. Viruses are very harmful to computers. Malicious people sometimes make viruses that intentionally destroy computers. The follow is a list of three of the top harmful types of computer viruses:

Resident Viruses

These types of viruses stick around in the computer’s (more…)

 Latest Software Updates For Your Computer System

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Computers that run the Windows operating system require periodic updates. Updates are provided for a patch to fix a security issue or to update a software product or feature.

Automatic Updates

The Windows operating system has the option to receive automatic updates. These are updates sent at a specific time of month to fix security issues to to update components. You can turn this option on to get updates when they are sent or you can turn it off and download updates manually.

Driver Updates

Hardware that is installed on a computer requires software drivers. There are included on an (more…)

 Learn Your Operating System To Better Serve You

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One of the areas that most computer users simply do not focus on is their operating system. Whether they are running Mac or Windows, they do not take the extra time to learn the ins and the outs of an operating system in order to maximize its use. However, there are many hidden features that an operating system has that the normal user would love to know about.

Perhaps the most under utilized feature of an operating system is its keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are two or more keys that you (more…)

 The Do’s and Dont’s To Clean Your Computer System

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The use of a computer system over time will result in an accumulation of dust and dirt. This can lead to a machine that does not have proper air circulation. Machines that do not properly circulate air begin to run hot. A hot running computer can damage internal components if it is not periodically cleaned.


A small vacuum should be used to clean the areas of the computer that collect dust and dirt. The area of the computer where this is present is at the vents for fans. Make sure (more…)